The Yurt Art Studio

Creative Retreats

"Our lives move at a dizzying pace. We rush through our days, exhausting ourselves in our mad scrambling. We fall into bed each night for a few precious hours of sleep and then get up the next morning and do it all over again. But as we scurry, filling our calendars and making our lists, another life is living itself inside each one of us. That life is invisible and moves at a different pace. It runs through us like a deep underground river, its source the crystal-clear waters at the center of our being. It lives inside us from the day we are born until the day we die and is the source of our deepest knowing. I call that river and the inner landscape it traverses our wild home." — From Finding the Wild Inside

Creative Retreats at For the Joy Of It! are individually designed to help you explore that untrammeled place inside that knows there is more to life than you are currently living. Press the pause button on your busy life and come for a time of respite in the forest. You can play in the art yurt, write, read, reflect. Messages of inspiration will arrive throughout your stay, all aimed at helping you uncover the secrets of your own deepest knowing. Expressive Arts sessions and prompts for writing or art reflection will focus your retreat on inner exploration. And there will be plenty of time to enjoy the incredible beauty of the Mendocino Coast. No experience in any of the arts is necessary to enjoy this experience, just a willingness to let your heart speak through your hands. 

We will create a retreat tailored to your interest and comfort level but it might include such things as. . .

  • walks in nature

  • photography 

  • art journaling

  •  dream work

  •  reading

  •  writing

  •  painting

  •  clay

  •  collage

  •  listening to music

  •  making music

  •  doll making

  •  mask making

  •  much more. . .