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The Yurt Art Studio

A Personal  Retreat

Personal retreats at For the Joy of It! offer an opportunity to explore that untrammeled place inside that knows there is more to life than we are currently living. I invite you to come for a time of quiet reflection. Here you can uncover the secrets of your own deepest knowing.


Come play in the art yurt, write, read, reflect. Messages of inspiration will arrive throughout your stay, all aimed at helping you uncover the secrets of your own deepest knowing. Expressive Arts sessions and prompts for writing or art reflection will focus your retreat on inner exploration. And there will be plenty of time to enjoy the incredible beauty of the Mendocino Coast. No experience in any of the arts is necessary to enjoy this experience, just a willingness to let your heart speak through your hands. 


The Creative Sparks Retreat is best for those who would like to explore on their own at For the Joy o It! It is largely self-guided.

The Creative Flame Retreat offers a guided expressive arts session and activities tailored to your personal retreat intentions. This a a good choice for people who want a little guidance while still exploring on their own.

The Creative Fire Retreat dives deeply into the mystery and magic of Expressive Arts Therapy with several sessions over your stay and deeper focus on your retreat intentions. 



















Press the pause button on your busy life and come for a time of respite in the forest. 

We will create a retreat tailored to your interest and comfort level but it might include such things as. . .

  • walks in nature

  • photography 

  • art journaling

  •  dream work

  •  reading

  •  writing

  •  painting

  •  clay

  •  collage

  •  listening to music

  •  making music

  •  doll making

  •  mask making

  •  much more. . .


         Creative Spark                   Creative Flame                    Creative Fire
Your Three Choices
  Welcome and Orientation
  Use of Art Yurt
  Labyrinth Ritual
  Gifts of Insppiration
  Expressive Arts Session
  90 min. each
  Expressive Arts Nature Expreience
  Mid-day Meet up
  Closing Meeting

30 min.


60 min.


90 min.

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