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For the Joy Of It! 

Retreat Spaces


For the Joy of It! is a quiet retreat in the middle of the forest in Mendocino, California. When you come on retreat you can stay in The Forest View Room in the upstairs of the main house.

You will feel like you are living in the treetops. The room has high ceilings, high windows and lots of light. Afternoon sun bathes the room in golden light. Lofts above add an interesting design element to the room. There is a queen size bed, lots of books, a desk, and a comfortable recliner. There is a small refrigerator, microwave, coffee and tea making supplies in a small room across the hall. You will have a private bathroom with a shower and a large old fashioned bathtub. When weather permits, the solar collecting green house accessible through french doors from the bathroom is a great place to meditate or sit and look out over the meadow below. Who knows what animals might be wandering by. 

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