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Photo of Marilyn Kay Hagar

I have a Master's Degree in Psychology and am a registered expressive arts therapist. I am also a MIPD certified dream worker. I own and operate For The Joy Of It!, a personal creative retreat in Mendocino, California. I've been in private practice and led groups and workshops here at my forest retreat for over forty years.  I've dedicated my life to the belief that we are all creative. It comes with being human. I believe that expressing ourselves through the arts puts us in touch with our own wild essence.


When I was diagnosed with a life threatening illness, the arts, my dreams and my intuition were my trusted companions on my healing journey. I wrote The Scalpel, the Paintbrush and the Pen to encourage others to use these deep resources as we seek healing.


I have dedicated my life and teaching to exploring the wild depths within and using what we find there to create a better world.

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