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Healing as a Creative Art


Being diagnosed with a life-threatening illness is a shattering experience. We reach out to the medical community for guidance and treatment, but rarely think to look deeply within for help as well. I sensed that in order to survive, I needed to open the doors to my own inner knowing. While my surgeon brought his expertise to my healing crisis, I consulted my art, my dreams, and my intuition to find a direct pathway to my wise healer within. My story alerts us to the necessity of bringing our whole selves to our healing journey. My book provides us a map so we can find our way to the deep well of healing energy that lives in each of us.

"I was deeply moved by The Scalpel, the Paintbrush, and the Pen, a story of healing that is full of wisdom, courage, and heart. Marilyn's truth-telling and self-reflection on her experiences illustrate that our individual paths through illness and treatment are mythic healing jouneys on which we can discover resources deep within ourselves as we partner with the helpers we encounter along the way."


Mary Cavagnary, poet, psychotherapist

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Companion Expressive Arts Experiences
The Scalpel, the Paintbursh and the  Pen

FINDING THE WILD INSIDE: Exploring Our Inner Landscape Through the Arts, Dreams, and Intuition.

Photo of my book Finding the Wild Inside

Imagine what it might be like to sep away from your busy life and figure out what truly gives your life meaning. Life lived from the inside out offers us a pathway to greater authenticity and reveals our deep belonging to the wild universe of which we are a part. Finding the Wild Inside encourages us to discover that wildly creative place inside that knows there is more to our existence than the life we are currently living.

"Don't miss this book. It carries the gift of what is missing in our culture. There is more to you—and more meaning to your life—than you can possibly imagine. Marilyn Hagar takes your hand gently and invites you to explore the wild world within—the timeless world that is available to all of us if we know how to find it. Her story helps us find the narrative of our own story."


Sidra Levi Stone, PhD . Cocreator of Voice Dialogue and the Psychology of Selves. Author of The Shadow King, Coauthor of Embracing Our Selves and Embracing Your Inner Critic

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