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My Book

Finding the Wild Inside

Exploring Our Inner Landscape Through the Arts, Dreams and Intuition


Finding the Wild Inside encourages us to discover that wildly creative, place inside that knows there is more to life than we are currently living. Our society begs us to look outward for life’s meaning and purpose, but our inner lives are the true source of that deeper knowing.


My book encourages us to explore the less rational part of ourselves, a place I call our wild inside. Most of us are not taught to navigate this wild terrain, nor do we know how to understand the language it speaks. Using stories from my own life, from infancy through caring for my elderly parents as an adult, my book shows how through playing in the arts, contemplating our nightly dreams, fostering our intuition, and reconnecting to Mother Nature we can discover our own authentic wild self.

Opening to this part of ourselves isn’t so much a search as it is a listening, a curiosity, a playfulness, and a learning how to think symbolically, all of which can be cultivated. Most of all it takes a willingness to lay down our small little egos and open ourselves to the awe and wonder of the wild universe of which we are a part.

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