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Expressive Arts Therapy

Peaking over a new horizon. Change is coming!

Expressive arts therapy is a unique and exciting non-verbal approach to the process of self discovery. It uses a combination of all the arts to look beneath our rational explanations of who we think we are and find that wild place within where our own deepest wisdom resides. You need no experience in any of the arts to participate. In spite of how we usually think of the arts in our culture, being creative comes with being human. 

Playing in the arts can help. . .

  • Reduce stress

  • Access creativity

  • ​Explore life transitions

  • Work with body and health issues

  • Examine self judgment

  • Explore our grief

  • Discover forgiveness

  • Set goals envision our future.

  • Find deeper meaning

  • And more.....

In person sessions in Mendocino

or by video conferencing

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