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"Dreams call from the imagination to the imagination and can be answered only by the imagination."  James Hillman                                                                         

Dreams & Art

Dreamwork painting showing two make believe animals that appeared in a dream

Dreams speak a universal language rich in symbol and metaphor. The stories and images in our dreams present us with surprising and often confusing messages that can leave us asking, "What was that all about?" In dream work sessions at For The Joy Of It!, we will use the arts to give life to our "stories from the night"   Our creativity and the dream world are closely linked. Honoring our dreams by working with them in our waking reality deepens our access to our natural creativity and offers fresh perspective on our lives.  Please do not feel that you need technical skill in any of the arts to participate.  All that is needed is the willingness to let your heart speak with your hands.


  • Each night as we sleep our natural creativity pours forth.

  •  Dreams come from our depths and connect us to our "wild inside." 

  • We can learn to communicate with the images and symbols in our dreams.

  • Using art, writing, music and movement, brings new insight into our waking life.

  •  Do you have a dream you would like to explore?  

  •  Want to start a dream group to share your dreams with others?



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