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Weird or Just Plain Magic

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

As I was driving in the car the other day, I stumbled upon a radio interview  with Carole King.  At first I didn't realize who was being interviewed but when they started talking about her album  Tapestry, I was instantly flooded with memories.      I found myself back in San Francisco in my friend Cheryl's flat.  The sun was streaming through the windows, filling the room with light.  We were both young mothers or about to be.  The kids were either sleeping or not yet there.  We were both completely engrossed in the first issue of Ms. Magazine.  That day, we discussed every single article and when we weren't talking about Ms., we were listening to Tapestry.  Cheryl had introduced me to the album and I couldn't wait to get home and get that music for myself. That afternoon, we were living the motto proclaimed so loudly in Ms., "Sisterhood is Powerful."   It was an iconic moment. Who we were, and the zeitgeist of the times fell into a perfect alignment.   Sadly, eleven years ago, I spoke about that day at Cheryl's memorial.   She died of breast cancer in her late 50's.      As I pulled into the parking lot of my mother's assisted living facility, a clip of "So Far Away" was playing over the air waves.  Tears arose as I heard the words, "So far away.  Doesn't any body stay in one place anymore.  It would be so fine to see your face at my door."  I turned off the radio and got out of my car with such fond thoughts about my friend, realizing she was the first of my dear friends to die, thinking how my mother at 97 has lost every single one of hers.      Imagine my surprise when two days later, I had a facebook message from Cheryl's daughter Jennifer, saying she was coming to town and would like to get together.  I've managed a thin thread of connection to Cheryl's family but lives are busy and full.  I don't even get a Christmas card off every year.  The last time I saw Jennifer was at Cheryl's mother's memorial a couple of years ago.  I was thrilled to have the chance to spend some time with her.      We met for lunch down in the harbor on an unusually sunny day in Fort Bragg.  Sitting at an outside table, I had a chance to get acquainted with Jennifer's husband, Tim and her daughter Ayla.  We caught up on news about our families.  It was a perfect afternoon for me and brought such joy to my heart.  Jennifer looks like her mom, and carries many of the family mannerisms.  I saw so much that was familiar and sat with such fond memories of Cheryl and I as young mothers.  I found the words, "Life goes on," repeating over and over in my mind, and "How beautiful it is to see life going on."     At one point, the wind surprised us and lofted the umbrella that covered our table, into the air.  It was so fast there wasn't time to respond.  It blew up and over us and eventually landed on the ground, upside down, behind us.  No one was hurt but it could have so easily been otherwise. We collapsed the umbrella and set it aside, enjoying the rest of our meal in full sun.  I didn't think of it at the time, but as I write, I realize that it was a moment of such surprise, like losing my friend so soon when I least expected my friends to be dying.  Death does leave its mark but today I was witnessing life going on, and felt blessed to see it unfolding in such a beautiful way.     Our lunch was long and relaxing.  Before we left, we went out near the water and Tim took a photo of Jennifer, Ayla and me with the harbor and Noyo bridge behind us.  Then we rearranged ourselves as 3 year old Ayla wanted a turn being the photographer.  We said our good-byes, and wished each other's families well.  I got into my car feeling full of friendship and connection, and pulled out onto North Harbor Drive.  Within seconds my cell phone rang,  I managed to pull over to answer.  "Hello,"  I said.  I heard a familiar voice on the other end.  "Hi, this is Charles," was the reply.  My mind exploded into a world of possibility, I do not usually hold.  Charles was Cheryl's husband and is Jennifer's father.  "Charles, do you know that I am just driving away from lunch with Jennifer and her family?"  No, he didn't know.  He didn't even know that Jennifer was in Fort Bragg.  He was calling to see about coming up for a visit.  Charles moved out of the area last year.  I haven't seen or heard from him in a long time.     I can't help but want to ask how these things happen.  Why after so long did I find myself on the same wave length with the Graham family in this week, on this day?  I used to call events like this weird.  Now I see them as just plain magic.  They leave me feeling as if a fairy flew by and sprinkled my life with fairy dust.  Everything sparkles!  The ordinary drops away and I am lifted into possibilities that are unimaginable.  I playfully wonder if Cheryl is somewhere pulling strings.  It's possible but I'm not sure I really believe that.  Jung called this synchronicity, a meaningful coincidence, where the larger energy patterns that lay beneath our conscious awareness break through into ordinary reality.  I'll let others describe it and define it.  Me?  I don't want to pin it down.  I just want to live it and let it open my world.  Events like these fill me with awe and wonder.  It is thrilling and I am more than willing to just let the mystery be.

Expressive Arts Exercise: Synchronicity

    Synchronicity appears when we least expect it.  We all have experienced it at one time or another.  Sometimes, like in my story, they can't be missed but other times they come more shyly, and are harder to recognize.  It is wonderful to honor these magical moments by making note of them in a special way.  Decorate a box or a large envelope and keep it as a container for the synchronicites that tumble into your life.  Jot them down on pieces of colored paper (decorate them too, if you like)  and put them in your box.  Keep it in a special place.  Honoring them in this way, may help us to recognize them when they do appear.  And on days when the spirit lags, take them out and remember these special moments.  Invite this magic into your life!

Comments from my old website:

Caterina Martinico 7/17/2013 08:41:17 am

Wonderful story of magic unfolding, of this epiphanies that come from a state of grace. Thanks so much for sharing this story Marilyn, I loved it.

Marilyn Hagar 7/17/2013 12:13:28 pm

Yes, Caterina, a "state of grace" indeed. Thank you so much for those words. I just added an expressive art exercise to the blog aimed at honoring these moments. Nice to hear from you.

Esmé MOREIRA 7/17/2013 08:52:49 am

Lovely story Marilyn and so well written, gradually unfolding into happy circumstances from what must have been sad.

Marilyn Hagar 7/17/2013 12:28:19 pm

Thank you Esme. Yes, so hard to lose our friends. Beautiful to see life going forward though. Magic in itself really.

Roy Hagar 7/17/2013 05:39:51 pm

Yep, synchronicity for sure!

Anin Utigaard 7/17/2013 06:41:37 pm

Thank you Marilyn for the lovely story of magic. It was nice to read at the end of a long day, and such a wonderful reminder to cherish and enjoy those special people in our lives; for they won't always be around. Loved your sharing. It brought sun into my foggy day.

Henri 7/29/2013 01:39:41 pm

Just rediscovered your email & link to this blog. Syncronicity, plus the next one, on boots-- maybe I can use this as a writing prompt for the theme "upwelling." An umbrella falls, a boot appears, a long-ago friend calls, a dragon rises from the sea and presents the princess with ... Thanks, marilyn.

Marilyn Hagar 8/11/2013 12:52:08 am

Henri, thanks for you comment. If you write this, I'd love to read it. I love the way your mind works and there is always humor in there too! Gives me a chuckle just thinking of the possibilities.

Joan Stanford 9/20/2013 03:01:05 am

so glad I took this time to catch up with your blog. Great piece reaffirming synchronicity, magic and life itself as an unwinding road with surprises along the way.

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