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Virtual Creative Fire Retreats

Expand your imagination and you change your life!


Even if we sense that there is more to life than the one we are currently living, it is easy to find ourselves settling for how things are. Sometimes it takes a shock to awaken us to new life possibility. Certainly the Covid19 virus is providing that shock.

The chaos and disintegration so many of us are experiencing has left us reeling. We find ourselves awakening to the fact that urgent times require urgent responses. Still, the fallout from this pandemic might just be the open door we have been waiting for to dream a bigger dream for our lives. With life a jumble, do you find yourself re-examining your priorities? Is it time to re-imagine the life you want to live? 

That is what I am doing. In the wake of Covid 19, I am unable to host overnight guests at For the Joy of It. The Creative Retreats I was enjoying offering are no longer possible on site. Rising from the ashes of that ten year dream, I'm offering Virtual Creative Fire Retreats that you can do from your own home.

We don't live what we can't imagine. Yet our society isn't structured in a way that encourages us to expand the imaginal part of ourselves. In times when things are falling apart and everything is changing, we need active, alive imaginations so we can dream up what comes next. 


As I've written in Finding the Wild Inside, there is deep wisdom inside each one of us.  Yet we aren't taught many ways of accessing our own wise guide, the one I call our "wild self." If you are ready to spark your imagination, look beneath the tired stories we tell about ourselves, and open communication with your "wild inside, a Creative Fire Retreat might just be for you. 

Each retreat is designed especially with you in mind. We will tailor it to your interest and comfort level but it might include such things as. . .

  • walks in nature

  • photography 

  • art journaling

  •  dream work

  •  reading

  •  writing

  •  painting

  •  clay

  •  collage

  •  listening to music

  •  making music

  •  doll making

  •  mask making

  •  much more. . .


A bit about the flow of your weekend:

In our Friday evening virtual session we will talk about your hopes and dreams and set our course for a weekend of exploration. Saturday morning a Virtual Expressive Arts session  will start us off on your inner journey. You will leave that session with prompts for writing or art reflection to do on your own. We'll check in with one another in virtual sessions later on Saturday and again on Sunday morning. A closing session on Sunday afternoon will bring your retreat full circle and focus on ways to carry forward with what you have discovered. Poetry and messages of inspiration will arrive throughout your weekend, all aimed at helping you uncover the secrets of your own deepest knowing.  No experience in any of the arts is necessary to enjoy this experience, just a willingness to let your heart speak through your hands.


Lets talk about what you might like to create for yourself.

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