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Marilyn's Art Yurt

Marilyn's Art Yurt

Experience "life in the round." My yurt/art studio sits in the forest, surrounded by a ring of redwood trees. Inside you'll find a piano, a drum, lots of rhythm instruments, a library of books relating to art, music, dreams and creativity, and art supplies galore. The yurt is not available for sleeping, but you can enjoy all of its wonderful creative possibilities with the rental of one of the rooms in the house.

Inside the yurt

I love watching guest’s reaction when I open the door and invite them into this playful, creative space. Some joyfully embrace it. Others are a bit more hesitant. Some seem to want to run for the door, but no one looks bored or unaffected. The comment I hear most often after my brief tour is, “I bet children love this place,” and children do love it but the yurt is designed for the creative child that still lives inside each one of us.

The painting board

Poster paints like we used in kindergarten are all set up and ready to go. Find your inner painter, smear some paint on the paper just to watch it happen. No need to create something beautiful. Just create!

Poster paints

Just like we used in kindergarten, water based, no need to be careful or know anything. Just dip your brush into these luscious colors.

Collage Play

There are oodles of books and magazines for collage making and cardboard rounds, boxes, bags, etc to collage.


Make a doll with materials you find in the yurt. What if you are this doll? What can he she tell you about yourself that you don't already know?

Family Play in the Yurt

Three generation in a family made this finger painting together. A unique way to be together.

Cut paper collage, glitter, feathers

Cut out paper and make your own collage images. Let images from a dream come together on the paper. Let each image speak to you.

Prayer Flags

Want to make wishes for yourself or for the world, create a prayer flag. Display it where you will see it often.


Mask making. On one side represent the "you," you show to the world, on the other the "you," you know inside.

An Invitation...

Experiment, play, create. Try something new and different. Come for a creative retreat.

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